Happy New Year Everyone!  I was contemplating writing about “resolutions,” but I really do not think this is what we truly need. My intuition is telling me that we all need to start the New Year feeling more Grounded and more Peaceful, rather than rushing in with enormous and sometimes unreachable goals.  So, I hope this is helpful. 

I know that some of you are not familiar with the ancient Chakra System and I will recommend a wonderful book below. Please note that I am not only a Transformational Money Coach but I am a Master Teacher of the Ancient Chakra System, and this is the foundation of all of my Coaching, Speaking and Teachings. 

I have shared with you that I am an HSP (High Sensitive Person) and I tend to get overwhelmed easily and, while I truly enjoy running a Virtual Business, I am not by nature a multi-tasker so I must be careful to Ground and Cleanse my Energy each day.  Most of my clients are also HSPs and Intuitives and this is my “Tribe.”  

The core lessons of the FIRST CHAKRA revolve around the lesson of feeling Safe on the Earth.  Many of us have entered this lifetime with physical and or emotional challenges that can cause deep trauma to our being and, in turn, effects our ability to attract and to manage Money in an effective way.  Most of these traumas are not “Conscious” so it is often hard to identify them and to heal what we do not know about. If you find yourself struggling to make a living or even if you earn a decent income and you struggle to save or to get ahead you have an imbalance in your First Chakra (Root Chakra). Therefore, it is imperative that you to learn a bit about these Major Energy Centers and to Ground yourself and to do this daily – even if only for 15 minutes. These are some powerful techniques to Ground Your Energy and to balance your First Chakra. (If you would like further details on each of these Grounding Techniques it is not too late to join my First Chakra Grounding Challenge in my Money Magnets FB Group.)

1.   Spending time in Nature. 

2.   Blending and using Wood derived essential oils

3.   Dance to music with heavy base such as funk or blues

4.   De-clutter your space

Experiment with all four suggestions and see how you feel and share with us in our growing Money Magnets FB Community- The Challenge goes until Friday January 29th!

Sending Love, Light and Grounding Energy,

xo Sarah

PS A wonderful book on the Chakras is “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith. 




“Love Is Touching Souls”   - Join Mitchell


So it’s the Holiday Season and most of us are rushing around to buy our gifts, going to parties, planning holiday cooking and/or travel arrangements and taking care of our children if we have them. Amid the rush,  somewhere in our over-stimulated minds we “remember” that this is the Season of Giving….

If we are working to become lifelong Money Magnets we must learn what UNCONDITIONAL GIVING truly means. On the surface many of us believe that we are giving without expectations but upon closer examination we may be expecting to be “acknowledged” by others for our gifts and service.  Perhaps we post every cent that we give to  Charity on Facebook or perhaps we secretly expect to receive “brownie points” from the Universe for our charitable donations. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. Yes, it is Good Karma to give to others but we have to do an “Ego Scan” to see if we want accolades for our generosity of Spirit. Giving is, in Truth, a two way street and what we get in return is  not attention or “cosmic credit” but a deeper more wonderful feeling of Love and Connection with another Soul.

Even if you are giving money to a Charity this season, I highly recommend the practice of UNCONDITIONAL LISTENING.

Deep down, what we all crave and what we all desire is to be understood, to be listened to without out judgment and to be known. This is what is underneath all of our cravings and most of our actions.

So, for this Holiday, I suggest that you choose a friend who is either sick, going through a divorce or who has just experienced a death of a loved one and agree to meet this friend for at least 1 hour at a private spot and just ask how they are doing, UNCONDITIONALLY GIVE LOVE and UNCONDITIONALLY LISTEN to your friend.  Listen  for the entire hour without talking about yourself and your own story. Of course you can make a few comments here and there or hold their hand or hug but be completely present (no electronics!). You will find that the UNCONDITIONAL LISTENING is a Magical two way street - you will be filled to the brim with Compassion, Joy and Connection!  

Try it and let us know in the Money Magnets FB group how your experience turned out! 


With Love and Light,





By the time you read this Holiday Blog, the holidays will be soon approaching. My deepest wish for all of you is deep Peace and an ability to relax around Money or at least lower the stress level.  Obviously, the Holidays can bring up some of our Money issues to the surface but with proper planning and Awareness you can have a Peaceful and Stress-free Holiday Season! 

Well,  I’m here to help!  Lets create a Super Chill, Delightful Holiday Season this year!  Believe me, I spent my first “REAL” Christmas feeling that I was living in a Tinsel filled blender! I am from a Jewish background and, at the age of 40, I married a Christian man and had a baby soon thereafter - Oy Vey! In my zest for creating the  “Best Christmas Ever," my first mistake was to start to shop December 11th thinking that I had  “almost 2 weeks to complete my list.”    I am a big Corn Ball and I LOVE Christmas music, holiday decor, snow globes and Rudolph…but I simply became overly ambitious with too little time.  I was  racing around like a maniac trying to buy last minute “meaningful” gifts for my husband's entire medical staff,  and his extended family, my new baby and did not have an “off” button!  I even attempted to make handmade lip-gloss to give to his office staff of 15 women!  My 10-month old son would have been happier EATING the bubble wrap, but that did not stop me from  binging on the latest and greatest age inappropriate toys that possibly never came out of their packaging! In January,  we were greeted by a shocking VISA bill to the tune of almost 5K!  Even my husband, who is a big spender, was shocked. So by the next year I decided to put myself in my own “Holiday Reform School”!   

Although there are often more demands on our time during the Holiday season,  we want to SAVOUR this Magical season and this, in turn, SLOWS TIME DOWN. 
This is what I recommend to slow it all down and reduce stress during the holidays. This list combines SELF CARE ACTIVITIES, FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES and Pre-Planning strategies to plan your budget, reel in your Holiday Spending and reduce financial guilt and anxiety that can destroy your peace of Mind.  Read over this list and pick a few from each category then kick back and Deck The Halls, sip some Egg Nog and watch a Holiday Movie!       

*Make your Holiday Budget Now - include food, decor and gifts and travel costs
*Write your gift list and add on only 2 “emergency” gifts for under $10 each (scented candles are always a winner)
*Go to the local Dollar Store and buy 5 decent frames and print out 5 of your favorite inspirational quotes in a nice Font and wrap! (great for service professionals such as hair stylists or your assistant) 
*Visit Money Magnets FB group for Creative Gifts under $30
*Shop online and look at the Sales  - you may be surprised what you find in there, even "last season" can make a great gift. 

*Salt bath with candles -  weekly. 
*Pedicure - schedule at least one before xmas - men like them too!    
*Mid-day break -  allow yourself to take off 2 hours for “lunch” and pop in a corny Xmas movie  (Recommendations: Elf, Miracle of 34th Street,  Its A Wonderful Life) 
*Seek out Free Reiki Treatment (training programs need to practice) or trade with a friend. 
*Make a NEW Xmas song list with your favourite Xmas tunes and if you hate Xmas tunes, whatever your heart desires.   

*Rent Christmas Classic such as Home Alone, make hot chocolate (must have candy canes in them!)  and buy cut up sugar cookies (pillsbury) and throw on some sprinkles. In 15 minutes you have a lovely Holiday snack.      
*Ice Skate in the local pond or city Rink – Watch if you cannot skate just to see the Magic
*Have a Cookie “trading” Party and bake with your kids, each person or family must bring a dozen - tea only to save on alcohol expenses. 
*Have a Pre-Holiday Wrapping Party - everyone bring a roll of paper and ribbon and play Classic Xmas songs
*Try out Carolling or listen to a Church Choir practice 


Sending Love and Light,  


Please share with our MONEY MAGNETS COMMUNITY any great Holiday Fun and Money Saving Ideas that you have.





 by SarahElizabeth Shapiro, LCSW TransformationalSuccess and Money Coach   In a recent survey,  I asked my Money Magnet FBGroup what their TOP Money Challenge was and, hands down,  it was saving for the Future. 

I have to admit that I have been a “saver” almostfor my entire life – this is one of the ‘good genes’ that I inherited from myDad, who taught me a great deal about Money, Money Management andinvesting.  However,  most of my friends, my clients and myserious romantic partners do NOT save nor do they think about it much atall.  

The truth is that there are endless “practical”reasons why we as a culture do NOT save for the future, however, the mostimportant reasons are Emotional and Spiritual. 

First I will cover the basics “practical”reasons: 

1.  No extra disposable income

2.  No time to sit down and organize finances

3.  Do not trust financial advisors andinstitutions

4.  Really like to spend my money “in themoment” and I am not much of a planner

5.  Too easy to get credit to buy now ratherthan save

  You may relate to severalof these reasons but at the end of the day,  it is up to us to SHIFT our MINDSET and our behavior aroundMoney and Savings. 

While it is true that theWestern Consumer society does NOT support Saving for the future with endlesstemptation and credit lines, we DO have power over our Mind and ourChoices.   We like to have‘reasons” to support our lack of savings but this same “reasoning” is what canget us in serious financial trouble.    As anexample,  I lived in New York Cityin the 1980s and I severely cut my finger and needed stitches.  I had no health insurance and walked tothe nearest ER.  The bill was over9K for 5 stitches!! Luckily,  I hadsome savings but it pretty much wiped me out (I was only 26 at the time). I canonly imagine the “co – pay” with any serious illness!   After thisincident,  I took my Savings muchmore seriously. 

If we want to becomeMONEY MAGENTS we must NOT follow the herd or live in  “Fantasy” or “Victim Consciousness”.  What I mean is to DITCH the “reasons”  you are not saving and  START SAVING even if it is $50 permonth.   We must take ourpower back even if it feels ‘unpopular” or “boring” in the moment.   If we on a journey of Self love and healing a large part ofthis is loving your Future Self and setting up a nice life for yourself and /orfamily for years to come!

THE UNIVERSE IS SYMBOLICAND NOT LITERAL!      If you take even the tiniest steps towards healing yourfinances and building a Savings and Retirement Account you will engage  The  Support of  theUniverse, what I call “Invisible Hands”.   The Universewill rise up to meet your intention to Save and support your intention all theway!  So even if you save $30 thefirst month Divine Intelligence “read” this Symbol of Savings and it willassist you in finding even more money to Save for example finding unexpecteddeals on groceries, clothing or other items. Try it and you will see this Lawof Divine Support in action!   


These are the ACTION STEPS that I Recommend NOW!

1.    Get Real with Your Budget (use an app such asMint If you need help)

2.    Make at least 3 small budget cuts andre-assign the extra immediately to savings (as an example I cut out organicapple juice from my child’s world when he was 5 in favor of water with lemonand saved $60 per month ($720 per year)! I did this with 3 items and came up with an extra $200 per month tosave.  

3.    Set up Auto Payments to your Savings orInvestment Account.  Even $25 permonth is SYMBOLIC and you will start increasing this amount over the course ofthe year with budget reviews.

4.    If you live in Canada or The US consider aTAX FREE savings vehicle such as a TFSA or ROTH IRA (ask your banker orAccountant)

5.    Remember the power of Exponential Growth. Forexample if you are 30 years old and you have 35 years to retire and you save  $200 per month or $2400 per year yourtotal retirement savings with vastly exceed  84K ($2400x35 years). It will be more like 300K!. If you increase this as you increase your income you are looking at over1million in savings by age 65! 


  Join our juicy, SHAME-FREEMONEY CONVERSATION in my Money Magnets FB Group!! Link…. 

  KA- CHING!!! 

  Sending Love and  Abundance,     


PS If you are seriousabout Transforming your Finances and wish to invest in yourself,  consider scheduling  a FREE 20 minute Discovery call to workwith me as a private 1:1 client   contact at 





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After 25 years of being a Psychotherapist and teacher of Energy Manifestation, and doing Psycho-Spiritual work myself for the entire journey,  I like tosynthesize information and let down the CORE ISSUES FAST !  

Please note that I am a Teacher of Perennial Philosophy.  This means that I teach the “river of Truth” that runs beneath all Spiritual Traditions.  I draw from many sources, but my core reference points are: the four thousand Year Old Yogic teachings – The Vedas and the work of Carl Jung.  


BLOCK #1: FAMILY MONEY PROGRAMMING- FMP   (YES! I am officially coining the term FMP- lawyer will be alerted!  LOL)   

Most of our families did NOT teach us about Wealth Consciousness or Abundance.  In fact, in most families there is either outright distain for money talk or it is not discussed.   Often there are insidious feelings of shame, guilt, struggle and deprivation around the topic of money.  In many families, there was little or NO talk about Money, Money Management and Building Wealth. Whether we like it or not, Money is here to stay. We must develop the conversation about Money in order to heal our faulty relationship with Money and Abundance.     

We can learn to have a healthy RELATIONSHIP with Money but we must first clearly identify our FAMILY MONEY PROGRAMMING (FMP). 

There are all sorts of toxic and nonsensical FAMILY MONEY PROGRAMMING such as:  

  • You must struggle to earn money
  • Wealth is only for Movie Stars or Pop Stars 
  • Intellectuals do not care about Money, we care only about ideas 
  • People will be jealous of you if you have too much
  • Talking about Money is tacky and distasteful
  • We buy things for people to express our Love
  • All you need is Love
  • Artists do not need money 
  • People who have money are bullies and unsavory 

Do any of these massages sound familiar? 

You may have tried affirmations, switching careers, yoga, meditation etc, etc, and NOTHING has worked.  This is because the first step is knowing your FMP and rooting it out.  

Whether you are aware of your FMP or not, it is vital that you become of aware of it ASAP!   Once you are aware of it you may choose to work it out DIY using your own methods or perhaps you may choose to work with a trained Psychotherapist or Money Coach to help you heal your FMP once and for all!     

Ifare considering hiring a Money Coach (who is also a Psychotherapist)  I offer a single Intensive Coaching Session (Insta Magnetize) whereby we identify your core FMP with strategies to work on it.  This is a “jump start” session but it is very powerful.   

BLOCK #2: NOT FEELING WORTHY – (low self esteem) 

Not everyone is treated with disrespect and/or abuse but most of us have feelings of unworthiness at least at some time in our lives. In fact, many of my Psychotherapy clients had loving parents who unwittingly did not help their children to develop health Self Worth/Self Esteem.  

My Spiritual teachers have taught me that none of us are born with an “abundance” of Self Worth/Self Esteem and we must build this up over our lifetime/lifetimes. It is part of the process of Evolving as a human being.  

Therefore, if you do not Consciously work on your feelings of Deserving and Worthiness you will NOT be able to receive and abundance of Money and Wealth. Even if you do find a way,  you will not be happy with your manifestations.  

In my 20s I had very, very low self esteem and suffered from severe Panic Disorder and until I was able to get Spiritual and Professional help I was unable to MAGNETIZE MONEY and positive opportunities into my life. I was blessed with a powerful “Spiritual Download” at varioustimes in my life and each time I raised my Self Worth and Self Esteem by taking loving action towards myself and setting clear boundaries around toxic situations. Simple put, I just said “NO” to crumbs and took great care of myself.  By age 33, my entire life changed and I was able to MAGNETIZE all sorts of Abundance to myself.  


Please note that self indulgent Narcissism is not the same as building Self Worth and Self Love. Narcissists lack EMPATHY for others and if you truly love and take care of yourself you will not hurt anyone else along the way. 

On the ENERGY PLANE small actions and intentions are powerful!   

        Here are somethings that you can do right now:

  • Set boundaries with your time – do NOT accept invitations that do not feed your Soul or benefit you unless you areconsciously choosing to do Charity work. 
  • Take the time to get to know yourself – meditate, journal and engage in at least a few months of Psychotherapy.  
  • Take part in self-care activities such as: exercise, yoga, nature, hobbies, cooking and music.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”  Marianne Williamson  

Marianne,  hit the nail on the head with this one.  

Despite our CONSCIOUS desire to be successful, to earn more money and to build wealth many of us are afraid of our true Power. 

We are taught to “play small” and not to take up“too much room”. 

I must keep it real here and say that some of the fear is not just related to fear of our LIGHT, for some of us it is also just as related to fear of RESPONSBILITY!

As I work with clients and students I can see that playing “large” does lead to all sorts of RESPONSIBILITIES such as keeping up with clients, more time commitments and the responsibilitiesof learning to Manage Wealth. Some people are simply notyet emotionally up to this task but it is VERY important to be honest with yourself. It is okay to live“smaller life” if it makes your Soul happy. Not everyone is meant to be a Beyonce.    

If in your heart and Soul you know you are “afraid of Success” simply because owning your LIGHT is scary…well then,  now it is the time to do the work to root it out this block.  


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