“Love Is Touching Souls”   - Join Mitchell


So it’s the Holiday Season and most of us are rushing around to buy our gifts, going to parties, planning holiday cooking and/or travel arrangements and taking care of our children if we have them. Amid the rush,  somewhere in our over-stimulated minds we “remember” that this is the Season of Giving….

If we are working to become lifelong Money Magnets we must learn what UNCONDITIONAL GIVING truly means. On the surface many of us believe that we are giving without expectations but upon closer examination we may be expecting to be “acknowledged” by others for our gifts and service.  Perhaps we post every cent that we give to  Charity on Facebook or perhaps we secretly expect to receive “brownie points” from the Universe for our charitable donations. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. Yes, it is Good Karma to give to others but we have to do an “Ego Scan” to see if we want accolades for our generosity of Spirit. Giving is, in Truth, a two way street and what we get in return is  not attention or “cosmic credit” but a deeper more wonderful feeling of Love and Connection with another Soul.

Even if you are giving money to a Charity this season, I highly recommend the practice of UNCONDITIONAL LISTENING.

Deep down, what we all crave and what we all desire is to be understood, to be listened to without out judgment and to be known. This is what is underneath all of our cravings and most of our actions.

So, for this Holiday, I suggest that you choose a friend who is either sick, going through a divorce or who has just experienced a death of a loved one and agree to meet this friend for at least 1 hour at a private spot and just ask how they are doing, UNCONDITIONALLY GIVE LOVE and UNCONDITIONALLY LISTEN to your friend.  Listen  for the entire hour without talking about yourself and your own story. Of course you can make a few comments here and there or hold their hand or hug but be completely present (no electronics!). You will find that the UNCONDITIONAL LISTENING is a Magical two way street - you will be filled to the brim with Compassion, Joy and Connection!  

Try it and let us know in the Money Magnets FB group how your experience turned out! 


With Love and Light,