by SarahElizabeth Shapiro, LCSW TransformationalSuccess and Money Coach   In a recent survey,  I asked my Money Magnet FBGroup what their TOP Money Challenge was and, hands down,  it was saving for the Future. 

I have to admit that I have been a “saver” almostfor my entire life – this is one of the ‘good genes’ that I inherited from myDad, who taught me a great deal about Money, Money Management andinvesting.  However,  most of my friends, my clients and myserious romantic partners do NOT save nor do they think about it much atall.  

The truth is that there are endless “practical”reasons why we as a culture do NOT save for the future, however, the mostimportant reasons are Emotional and Spiritual. 

First I will cover the basics “practical”reasons: 

1.  No extra disposable income

2.  No time to sit down and organize finances

3.  Do not trust financial advisors andinstitutions

4.  Really like to spend my money “in themoment” and I am not much of a planner

5.  Too easy to get credit to buy now ratherthan save

  You may relate to severalof these reasons but at the end of the day,  it is up to us to SHIFT our MINDSET and our behavior aroundMoney and Savings. 

While it is true that theWestern Consumer society does NOT support Saving for the future with endlesstemptation and credit lines, we DO have power over our Mind and ourChoices.   We like to have‘reasons” to support our lack of savings but this same “reasoning” is what canget us in serious financial trouble.    As anexample,  I lived in New York Cityin the 1980s and I severely cut my finger and needed stitches.  I had no health insurance and walked tothe nearest ER.  The bill was over9K for 5 stitches!! Luckily,  I hadsome savings but it pretty much wiped me out (I was only 26 at the time). I canonly imagine the “co – pay” with any serious illness!   After thisincident,  I took my Savings muchmore seriously. 

If we want to becomeMONEY MAGENTS we must NOT follow the herd or live in  “Fantasy” or “Victim Consciousness”.  What I mean is to DITCH the “reasons”  you are not saving and  START SAVING even if it is $50 permonth.   We must take ourpower back even if it feels ‘unpopular” or “boring” in the moment.   If we on a journey of Self love and healing a large part ofthis is loving your Future Self and setting up a nice life for yourself and /orfamily for years to come!

THE UNIVERSE IS SYMBOLICAND NOT LITERAL!      If you take even the tiniest steps towards healing yourfinances and building a Savings and Retirement Account you will engage  The  Support of  theUniverse, what I call “Invisible Hands”.   The Universewill rise up to meet your intention to Save and support your intention all theway!  So even if you save $30 thefirst month Divine Intelligence “read” this Symbol of Savings and it willassist you in finding even more money to Save for example finding unexpecteddeals on groceries, clothing or other items. Try it and you will see this Lawof Divine Support in action!   


These are the ACTION STEPS that I Recommend NOW!

1.    Get Real with Your Budget (use an app such asMint If you need help)

2.    Make at least 3 small budget cuts andre-assign the extra immediately to savings (as an example I cut out organicapple juice from my child’s world when he was 5 in favor of water with lemonand saved $60 per month ($720 per year)! I did this with 3 items and came up with an extra $200 per month tosave.  

3.    Set up Auto Payments to your Savings orInvestment Account.  Even $25 permonth is SYMBOLIC and you will start increasing this amount over the course ofthe year with budget reviews.

4.    If you live in Canada or The US consider aTAX FREE savings vehicle such as a TFSA or ROTH IRA (ask your banker orAccountant)

5.    Remember the power of Exponential Growth. Forexample if you are 30 years old and you have 35 years to retire and you save  $200 per month or $2400 per year yourtotal retirement savings with vastly exceed  84K ($2400x35 years). It will be more like 300K!. If you increase this as you increase your income you are looking at over1million in savings by age 65! 


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  KA- CHING!!! 

  Sending Love and  Abundance,     


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