Happy New Year Everyone!  I was contemplating writing about “resolutions,” but I really do not think this is what we truly need. My intuition is telling me that we all need to start the New Year feeling more Grounded and more Peaceful, rather than rushing in with enormous and sometimes unreachable goals.  So, I hope this is helpful. 

I know that some of you are not familiar with the ancient Chakra System and I will recommend a wonderful book below. Please note that I am not only a Transformational Money Coach but I am a Master Teacher of the Ancient Chakra System, and this is the foundation of all of my Coaching, Speaking and Teachings. 

I have shared with you that I am an HSP (High Sensitive Person) and I tend to get overwhelmed easily and, while I truly enjoy running a Virtual Business, I am not by nature a multi-tasker so I must be careful to Ground and Cleanse my Energy each day.  Most of my clients are also HSPs and Intuitives and this is my “Tribe.”  

The core lessons of the FIRST CHAKRA revolve around the lesson of feeling Safe on the Earth.  Many of us have entered this lifetime with physical and or emotional challenges that can cause deep trauma to our being and, in turn, effects our ability to attract and to manage Money in an effective way.  Most of these traumas are not “Conscious” so it is often hard to identify them and to heal what we do not know about. If you find yourself struggling to make a living or even if you earn a decent income and you struggle to save or to get ahead you have an imbalance in your First Chakra (Root Chakra). Therefore, it is imperative that you to learn a bit about these Major Energy Centers and to Ground yourself and to do this daily – even if only for 15 minutes. These are some powerful techniques to Ground Your Energy and to balance your First Chakra. (If you would like further details on each of these Grounding Techniques it is not too late to join my First Chakra Grounding Challenge in my Money Magnets FB Group.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/moneymagnetsgroup

1.   Spending time in Nature. 

2.   Blending and using Wood derived essential oils

3.   Dance to music with heavy base such as funk or blues

4.   De-clutter your space

Experiment with all four suggestions and see how you feel and share with us in our growing Money Magnets FB Community- The Challenge goes until Friday January 29th! https://www.facebook.com/groups/moneymagnetsgroup

Sending Love, Light and Grounding Energy,

xo Sarah

PS A wonderful book on the Chakras is “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith.