By the time you read this Holiday Blog, the holidays will be soon approaching. My deepest wish for all of you is deep Peace and an ability to relax around Money or at least lower the stress level.  Obviously, the Holidays can bring up some of our Money issues to the surface but with proper planning and Awareness you can have a Peaceful and Stress-free Holiday Season! 

Well,  I’m here to help!  Lets create a Super Chill, Delightful Holiday Season this year!  Believe me, I spent my first “REAL” Christmas feeling that I was living in a Tinsel filled blender! I am from a Jewish background and, at the age of 40, I married a Christian man and had a baby soon thereafter - Oy Vey! In my zest for creating the  “Best Christmas Ever," my first mistake was to start to shop December 11th thinking that I had  “almost 2 weeks to complete my list.”    I am a big Corn Ball and I LOVE Christmas music, holiday decor, snow globes and Rudolph…but I simply became overly ambitious with too little time.  I was  racing around like a maniac trying to buy last minute “meaningful” gifts for my husband's entire medical staff,  and his extended family, my new baby and did not have an “off” button!  I even attempted to make handmade lip-gloss to give to his office staff of 15 women!  My 10-month old son would have been happier EATING the bubble wrap, but that did not stop me from  binging on the latest and greatest age inappropriate toys that possibly never came out of their packaging! In January,  we were greeted by a shocking VISA bill to the tune of almost 5K!  Even my husband, who is a big spender, was shocked. So by the next year I decided to put myself in my own “Holiday Reform School”!   

Although there are often more demands on our time during the Holiday season,  we want to SAVOUR this Magical season and this, in turn, SLOWS TIME DOWN. 
This is what I recommend to slow it all down and reduce stress during the holidays. This list combines SELF CARE ACTIVITIES, FAMILY FUN ACTIVITIES and Pre-Planning strategies to plan your budget, reel in your Holiday Spending and reduce financial guilt and anxiety that can destroy your peace of Mind.  Read over this list and pick a few from each category then kick back and Deck The Halls, sip some Egg Nog and watch a Holiday Movie!       

*Make your Holiday Budget Now - include food, decor and gifts and travel costs
*Write your gift list and add on only 2 “emergency” gifts for under $10 each (scented candles are always a winner)
*Go to the local Dollar Store and buy 5 decent frames and print out 5 of your favorite inspirational quotes in a nice Font and wrap! (great for service professionals such as hair stylists or your assistant) 
*Visit Money Magnets FB group for Creative Gifts under $30
*Shop online and look at the Sales  - you may be surprised what you find in there, even "last season" can make a great gift. 

*Salt bath with candles -  weekly. 
*Pedicure - schedule at least one before xmas - men like them too!    
*Mid-day break -  allow yourself to take off 2 hours for “lunch” and pop in a corny Xmas movie  (Recommendations: Elf, Miracle of 34th Street,  Its A Wonderful Life) 
*Seek out Free Reiki Treatment (training programs need to practice) or trade with a friend. 
*Make a NEW Xmas song list with your favourite Xmas tunes and if you hate Xmas tunes, whatever your heart desires.   

*Rent Christmas Classic such as Home Alone, make hot chocolate (must have candy canes in them!)  and buy cut up sugar cookies (pillsbury) and throw on some sprinkles. In 15 minutes you have a lovely Holiday snack.      
*Ice Skate in the local pond or city Rink – Watch if you cannot skate just to see the Magic
*Have a Cookie “trading” Party and bake with your kids, each person or family must bring a dozen - tea only to save on alcohol expenses. 
*Have a Pre-Holiday Wrapping Party - everyone bring a roll of paper and ribbon and play Classic Xmas songs
*Try out Carolling or listen to a Church Choir practice 


Sending Love and Light,  


Please share with our MONEY MAGNETS COMMUNITY any great Holiday Fun and Money Saving Ideas that you have.